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Building a Positive Attachment between You and Your Baby

FirstPlay® is an Infant Mental Health and Developmental Play Therapy attachment storytelling model. It is a resiliency focused model that enhances the caregiver-infant attachment relationship.

FirstPlay® is so named because it is the "first" type of play that happens in a child’s life and is essential to a child’s healthy growth and development. It is that spontaneous, giggly-in-the-moment, brain-boosting, nurturing, joyful, relaxing, calming, bonding, multi-sensory, and exciting play that happens between a caregiver and infant. FirstPlay® Infant Story-Massage includes all these vital elements.

“First-play” is, for example, the early joyful, exciting play that happens between a caregiver and infant such as “patty cake,” “peek-a-boo,” or sing-song type games. FirstPlay® Therapy is an attachment-based storytelling approach that incorporates fun interactive touch-based activities that gives children the foundation needed to build healthy interpersonal relationships and promote positive self-image and self-esteem. Brain research supports that this early play wires the brain for life-long intimacy, and for advanced cognitive ability and emotional regulation of distress.

Benefits of FirstPlay®

ATTACHMENT: Strengthens the parent-infant bond

SOUND SLEEP: Helps to create deeper & sounder sleep

NUTRIENT FLOW: Increases oxygen & nutrient flow to cells

DIGESTION: Helps with digestion & bowel elimination

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: Storytelling boosts early literacy potential

BRAIN POTENTIAL: Wires the brain for healthy relationships and positive mental health outcomes

RELAXATION: Gives infants a feeling of relaxation and calm

RELEASES CALMING HORMONES: Caring touch naturally releases the bodies calming and connectivity hormone, oxytocin

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